Be a World Trader Programme

The “Be a World Trader Programme” was basically designed for professional traders who wish to make their services available to potential investors on an international level. FABAR ensures legal compliance and the necessary IT background within a regulated environment.

Agent Programmes

FABAR Wealth Management is committed to its Tied Agent and Agent Programmes with which it provides the opportunity for its partners to connect their clients to a prestigious network. Our aim is to develop a well-functioning and transparent business in which the work of all participants is recognized. Our commitment is ensured by outstanding remuneration, transparent accounts and the provision of additional support material.

FABAR offers three different programmes for its partners:

  • Tied Agent Model
  • Sub Agent Model
  • Introducing Broker Model

Premium Services

We offer our Premium Wealth Management Service for our clients with more than 250.000 EUR to invest. This, besides standard services, includes establishing a personalized, internationally diversified investment portfolio, financial planning, investment, legal and tax. In the case of services which reach beyond our license or competence, we hire experts, since we primarily expertize in financial investments.

Please read the Risk Warning carefully on the main page.

Wealth Management

We established our wealth management service because we believe that even people who take a stand on issues relating their everyday work may find it burdensome to continuously make financial decisions for which they must take responsibility as well, that is, they will have to bear the consequences if they make wrong decisions. Few people have time besides work to stay well-informed about the happenings of the financial world, and only very few are able to make quick decisions in a cool-blooded, emotionless, determined manner, or to realize their wrong decisions in time and, which is even more difficult, to take immediate actions to minimize loss or to maintain the value of their assets. Therefore, we hold that everybody has to make responsible decisions in their own fields and professions where, owing to their experience, they feel comfortable, and thus they have the best chance to make optimal decisions which are free of emotions.

It is our conviction that making financial investment decisions requires knowledge, experience, continual and restless attention as well as proper timing on the one hand, and, on the other hand, it must be based on profound analytical work.

Wealth management for FABAR Wealth Management Ltd. means that, authorised by our clients, we undertake financial investment decisions, continually monitor the investment portfolios and, if necessary, we intervene without disturbing our clients in any ways or without confronting them with the necessity of making responsible decisions all the time.

Please read the Risk Warning carefully on the main page.


For those who wish to manage their own investments, we offer a professional trading environment through our regulated partners and with outstanding execution conditions. A wide range of trading products is available be it FX, Index or Commodities based products. You only need to deal with building the strategy, we ensure all the rest.

FABAR Wealth Management Ltd. does not pass on nor does it implement orders, moreover it does not manage and hold client funds. Our partner is responsible for realising the transactions, as well as for handling the trading platform and managing funds. We support you in contacting our partner and in the process of opening an account.

FABAR Wealth Management